Christian Learning Institute

"That the man of God might be complete; thoroughly equipped for every good work."
II Timothy 3:17

Certificate Programs and Electives
Any certificate program may be used as an elective course of study.

Each campus determines curriculum offerings.
All electives may not be available at a specific campus. Please contact the local campus to determine if the certificate program or 
elective is  offered on-site.

Some certificate programs and electives may by offered as a self-study program, 
or, you may be able to join the 
classroom of another 
campus through ZOOM. 

We want to provide the best 
and most convenient 
way for you to study.
Call the local campus 
for details


In addition to the Core Studies we offer the following electives 
to customize your learning experience:

This course uses 2 text books


Using the Bible
Lesson 1  Introduction to Hermeneutics
Lesson 2  Past and Present Methods of Interpreting                    Scripture

General Principles for Interpreting Scripture
Lesson 3  The Historical and Cultural Background 
                 of a Text
Lesson 4  Circles of Literary Context
Lesson 5  Words--Their Usage and Relationships
Lesson 6  Figurative Language

Applying Scripture
Lesson 7  The Covenants and the Kingdom
Lesson 8  Timeless, Cross-Cultural, Biblical 
Lesson 9  The Role of the Holy Spirit in Interpreting 
                 and Applying Scripture

                                             HERMENEUTICS 2

Interpreting the Genres of the Old Testament

Chapter 1 Interpreting Historical Narrative
Chapter 2 Interpreting Old Testament Law
Chapter 3 Interpreting Poetry
Chapter 4 Interpreting Wisdom Literature
Chapter 5 Interpreting Prophecy

Interpreting the Genres of the New Testament

Chapter 6 Interpreting the Gospels
Chapter 7 Interpreting Acts
Chapter 8 Interpreting the Epistles
Chapter 9 Interpreting Apocalyptic Passages

​In addition to the Deliverance Curriculum, the book, Deliverance from Darkness by James Goll will be used for homework assignments.

  • Manifested Powers 
  • History of Satan
  • Demons
  • Demonic Possession
  • Satan's Authority Part I
  • Satan's Authority Part II
  • Satan's Authority Part III
  • Soul Ties
  • The Authority of Demons Part I
  • The Authority of Demons Part II
  • Realms Where Demons Operate
  • Hierarchy of Satan's Kingdom
  • Seven Spirits of God
  • Deliverance Part I
  • Deliverance Part II
  • Casting Out Devils
  • Aftercare and Maintaining Deliverance
  • Working with a Deliverance Team

This class may shut-in fast and work with the team on assignment in classroom exercises and people's home to provide spiritual cleansing.

Old & New Testament Survey
Depending on the campus, this course 
is taught in one of two ways:

          1. Faith in Action assignments from the                  Spirit Filled Life Study Bible
          2. Curriculum

 Spirit Filled Life Study Bible

​Certificate Programs & Electives
Certificate programs are $200 each
plus curriculum.

Completion of CLI Certificate programs can be applied to a degree program.  Currently CLI offers three degree programs:

Bachelor of Biblical Subjects
Bachelor of Ministry
Master of Ministry

Any semester within a degree program can be studied independently as a Certificate Program.

It is the desire of my heart to equip God's anointed to serve God's people. CLI is dedicated to offering quality teaching and training at a fraction of the cost and make it possible for churches to provide School of Ministry within the local church.​
--Dr. Gail Bailey

Some certificate programs may be available online.
The cost and availability of programs may vary from campus to campus. 
Contact your campus for pricing and availability.

In 2018 the Colorado Office of Higher Education awarded the Christian Learning Institute (CLI) 
the privilege to award religious degrees through the Bachelor level.

In 2022 was awarded the privilege to offer religious degrees through the Masters degree level.

Equipping the Church Series
The Five Fold
Other Studies
17 Credits

  • The Bronze Altar (History)
  • The Order of the Priesthood
  • Training & Requirements
  • Prayer
  • Intercession
  • Prayer Teams
  • Building the Prayer Team (Mentoring)
  • setting the Spiritual Atmosphere
  • Training for Prayer Interns
  • Ministry of the Altar Director
  • Practicum 1 & 2

   Learn to build an altar and/or prayer team, train Altar Workers, Prayer Warriors and Intercessors. This course of study also provides training for interns and Directors of the team. Ten lessons and practicum to build a powerful team.​

  • Orientation to Ministry
  • Christian Leadership 1
  • Christian Leadership 2
  • Ethics, Qualifications, and Vision
  • Church Finance 1
  • Church Structure
  • Organizing and Marketing Your Ministry
  • The Cal of Ministry
  • Interpersonal Skills for Ministry
  • Ministry Challenges
  • Ministry Challenges (part 2) & Problem Solving
  • Forgiveness

​     These lessons will help you think like a leader and provide necessary tools to equip the novice with basic Christian Leadership skills.  This journey will take you from the altar in the courtyard to the Most Holy Place where you stand in the presence of Almighty God.
   This class is an all-time favorite for those who are accepting a leadership position in the church for the first time. ​
Altar Ministry
16 Credits
Christian Leadership
12 Credits

  • The Origin of Sickness
  • The Curse
  • Generational Curse
  • Healing Covenant
  • The Lord has Anointed Me
  • The Healing Anointing
  • How the Lord Heals
  • Ministering Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing & Recovery
  • Faith
  • Understanding How the Soul Functions
  • Healing the Soul
  • Memories, Emotions, & Mental Healing
  • Layers & Partitions of the Spirit
  • Healing the Spirit
16 Credits

  • Orientation to Ministry
  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Basics of Classroom Management
  • Preparing to Teach a Class
  • Lesson Planning &Development
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Overview of Human Growth & Development
  • ​Principles of the Learner
  • Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to Homiletics
  • 2 Practicums

The Five-Fold TEACHER must be faithful to examine and analyze God's Word and deliver it in power and demonstration. 

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
2 Timothy 3:16-17​

16 credits

  • The Office of Pastor
  • The Spirit and the Glory
  • Pastoral Care
  • Daily Care of the Church
  • Organization and Administration of the Church
  • The Flock Part 1
  • The Flock Part 2
  • Spiritual Safety for the Flock
  • Spiritual Burnout
  • Sacerdotal Duties Part 1
  • Sacerdotal Duties Part 2
  • Sacerdotal Duties Part 3
  • Hermeneutics
  • Homiletics

An old southern melody says, "Where will I shelter my sheep tonight? Where is that peaceful land? Where will I shelter my sheep tonight, where the beasts won't steal my lambs." Surely this is the heart cry of a weary pastor.
14 Credits