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"That the man of God might be complete; thoroughly equipped for every good work."
II Timothy 3:17

Certificate Programs and Electives
Any certificate program may be used as an elective course of study.

Each campus determines curriculum offerings.
All electives may not be available at a specific campus. Please contact the local campus to determine if the certificate program or 
elective is  offered on-site.

Some certificate programs and electives may by offered as a self-study program, 
or, you may be able to join the 
classroom of another 
campus through ZOOM. 

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2020/2021 School Year

This course uses 2 text books


Using the Bible
Lesson 1  Introduction to Hermeneutics
Lesson 2  Past and Present Methods of Interpreting                    Scripture

General Principles for Interpreting Scripture
Lesson 3  The Historical and Cultural Background 
                 of a Text
Lesson 4  Circles of Literary Context
Lesson 5  Words--Their Usage and Relationships
Lesson 6  Figurative Language

Applying Scripture
Lesson 7  The Covenants and the Kingdom
Lesson 8  Timeless, Cross-Cultural, Biblical 
Lesson 9  The Role of the Holy Spirit in Interpreting 
                 and Applying Scripture

                                             HERMENEUTICS 2

Interpreting the Genres of the Old Testament

Chapter 1 Interpreting Historical Narrative
Chapter 2 Interpreting Old Testament Law
Chapter 3 Interpreting Poetry
Chapter 4 Interpreting Wisdom Literature
Chapter 5 Interpreting Prophecy

Interpreting the Genres of the New Testament

Chapter 6 Interpreting the Gospels
Chapter 7 Interpreting Acts
Chapter 8 Interpreting the Epistles
Chapter 9 Interpreting Apocalyptic Passages

17 week course 

​In addition to the Deliverance Curriculum, the book, Deliverance from Darkness by James Goll will be used for homework assignments.

Manifested Powers 
The Power of God * The Power of Man * The Power of Satan 

History of Satan
In the Day Thou Wast Created * The Fall of Lucifer * Keys off Kingdom Authority

Origin of Demons, Abode of Devils * The Nature of Demons * Demonic Manifestations * Demons in the Old and New Testaments * Spirits named in Scripture * Christ's War Against Satan's Kingdom * The Destiny of Satan and His Demons * Names and Description of Demons in Scripture

Demonic Possession
God's Design for Man * Progression of Spirit Power * Ways Demonic Influences are Introduced * Demonic Dominance and Control * The Effects of Sin on Body, Soul, & Spirit

Satan's Authority Part I
Satan's Tyranny * Satanic Methods to Dominate and Control * Spiritual Attachments * Transference of Spirits

Satan's Authority Part II
Psychological Influences and Theories * The Spiritual Man

Satan's Authority Part III
Regression * Repression * Suppression * Depression * Rejection * Vexation * Obsession * Oppression * Possession * Next Steps

Soul Ties
What is a Soul Tie? * How are Soul Ties Formed ? Evil Soul Ties * How to Break an Evil Soul Tie

The Authority of Demons Part I
The Authority of Demons * Levels of Demonic Authority * Footmen/Soldiers * Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers * Overcoming Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers

The Authority of Demons Part II
 Strongmen or Strongholds * Hosting Demonic Possession 

Realms Where Demons Operate
War Against the Flesh * Principalities * Powers * The Divine Council of God * Power in the 1st & 2nd Heavens * Rulers of the Darkness of this Age * Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Places * 24 Elders

Hierarchy of Satan's Kingdom
Introduction to Satan's Kingdom * Angelic Classifications * Demonic Hierarchy

Seven Spirits of God
Seven Spirits of God Seven Manifestations of God's Character versus the Seven Manifestations of Satan

Deliverance Part I
How Does Demon Possession Happen * Self-Deliverance * Deliverance from Circumstances * Satanic Oppression * Chastisement from the Lord * Divine Intervention

Deliverance Part II
Casting out Devils * Demonic Manifestations * Pleading the Blood of Jesus

Aftercare and Maintaining Deliverance
Swept and Garnished * Plundering the Strongman's House * Symbols of Satanism * Follow-up * Wholeness and Emotional Healing

Working with a Deliverance Team
Your Level of Spiritual Authority * Unity in the Deliverance Team * Training and Strategy * Purging Homes of Demon Spirits * Spiritual Warfare * Kings and Priests

This class will do a shut-in fast and work with the team on assignment in classroom exercises and people's home to provide spiritual cleansing.

Old & New Testament Survey
Depending on the campus, this course 
is taught in one of two ways:

          1. Faith in Action assignments from the Spirit 
              Filled Life Study Bible
          2. Curriculum

Download the file above for assignments from the Spirit Filled Life Study Bible

Once the file is downloaded, click "enable editing" at the top to type into the form

​Certificate Programs

Completion of CLI Certificate programs can be applied to a degree program.  Currently CLI offers four degree programs:

Bachelor of Biblical Subjects
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Christian Education 
Bachelor of Christian Leadership

Any semester within a degree program can be studied independently as a Certificate Program.

Some certificate programs may be available online.
The cost and availability of programs may vary from campus to campus. Contact your campus for pricing and availability.