Christian Learning Institute

"That the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work."
II Timothy 3:17
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This training is designed to provide a systematically journey through the major roles and ministries of the church.


6 Semesters of  Study

Book Report plus any additional requirements for each campus.
50 hours of Ministry Service

Semester Two



Lesson One
Overview of the Work of the Holy Spirit *Fruit of the Holy Spirit * History of the Holy Spirit

Lesson Two
The Day of Pentecost * The Holy Spirit Today * Receiving the Holy Spirit * Purpose of the Holy Spirit * The Difference Between the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit

Lesson Three
The Gifts and Callings of God *Mishandling Spiritual Gifts

Lesson Four
Word of Wisdom * Word of Knowledge * Faith * Gifts of healing * Scriptural Conditions of Healing * Chastisement * Immediate Healing * Healing Process

Lesson Five
Divers Kinds of Tongues * The Gift of Tongues in Church * The Gift of Tongues for the Individual * Intercession; * Interpretation of Tongues * Prophecy * Edification * Exhortation * The Delivery of the Gift of Prophecy * How Do You Tell a True Prophet

Lesson Six
Working of Miracles * Discerning of Spirits * Gift of Helps * Administration or Governments * Perfecting the Gifts of the Spirit

Lesson Seven
History of the Five Fold Ministry * The Purpose of the Five Fold Ministry * Apostle * Qualifications of the Apostle

Lesson Eight
Prophet * Training to be a Prophet * Respecting the Office of the Prophet * Delivering the Message of God * The False Prophet * Evangelist * The Mission of the Evangelist * Training of the Evangelist * The Difference Between the Office of the Evangelist and the Ministry of Evangelism

Lesson Nine
Pastor * Training for the Pastor * Teachers * Lay Ministers (Elders Deacons and the Ministry of Helps) * Dedication and Consecration of Ministry

Lesson Ten
The Measure of Faith * Increasing Your Faith * Walking by Faith * Confession of Faith * Why it is Important to Speak the Word of God * Different Levels of Faith


Lesson Eleven
Know Your Enemy * Satan’s History * The Keys of Kingdom Authority * Your Level of Authority

Lesson Twelve
Spiritual Warfare * Strategic Plan for Spiritual Warfare* Kings and Priests * Giving God the Glory * Be A Team Player

Lesson Thirteen
Eight Levels in the Heavens* Earth’s Atmosphere * Outer Space * Where God Rides * Where the Heavens Droop at the Horizon *Paradise; * The Heavenly Tabernacle * Where did Satan Present Himself to God? * The Throne Room * The Lake of Fire * Spiritual Warfare (The Prince of Persia, There was War in Heaven)

Lesson Fourteen
LATTER DAY ARMY OF GOD * Three Major Levels of Warfare

Lesson Fifteen
Spiritual Armor * Helmet of Salvation * Breastplate of Righteousness * The Shield of Faith; * The Sword of the Spirit; * Loins Gird About with Truth * Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace * Mastering Your Armor

Semester Three


Lesson One   Manifested Powrs
The Power of God * The Power of Man * The Power of Satan

Lesson Two   History of Satan
In the Day Thou Wast Created * The Fall of Lucifer * Keys of Kingdom Authority

Lesson Three   Demons
The Origin of Demons * Abode of Demons * The Nature of Demos * Demonic Manifestations * Demons in the Old and New Testaments * Christ's War Against Satan's Kingdom & Destiny of Satan and HIs Demons

Lesson Four   Demonic Possession
God's Design for Man * The Progression of Satan's Power * Demonic Dominance and Control * The Effects of Sin on Body, Soul, and Spirit * Can a Christian be Demon Possessed? * Oppressed/Possessed Children

Lesson Five   Satan's Authority Part I
Satan's Tyranny * Satanic Methods to Dominate and Control * Spiritual Attachments * Transference of Spirits

Lesson Six   Satan's Authority Part II
Psychological Influences and Theories * The Spirit Man

Lesson Seven   Satan's Authority Part III
Regression * Repression * Suppression * Depression * Rejection * Vexation * Obsession * Oppression * Possession * Next Steps

Lesson Eight   Soul Ties
What is a Soul Tie? How are Soul Ties Formed? Evil Soul Ties ? How to Break an Evil Soul Tie

Lesson Nine   The Authority of Demons Part I
The Authority of Demons * Levels of Demonic Authority * Footmen/Soldiers * Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers * Overcoming Spiritual Gates and Gatekeepers

Lesson Ten   The Authority of Demons Part II
Strongmen and Strongholds * Hosting Demonic Possession

Lesson Eleven   Realms Where Demons Operate
War Against the Flesh * Principalities * Powrs * The Divine Council of God * Power in the 1st & 2nd Heavens * Rulers of the Darkness of this Age * Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Places * 24 Elders

Lesson Twelve   Hierarchy of Satan's Kingdom
Introduction to Satan's Kingdom * Angelic Classifications * Demonic Hierarchy

Lesson Thirteen   Seven Spirits of God
Seven Spirits of God * Seven Manifestations of God's Character versus the Seven Manifestations of Satan

Lesson Fourteen   Deliverance Part I
How does Demon Possession Happen? * Self-Deliverance * Deliverance from Circumstances * Satanic Oppression * Chastisement from the Lord * Divine Intervention

Lesson Fifteen   Deliverance Part II
Casting Out Devils * Demonic Manifestations * Pleading the Blood

Lesson Sixteen   Aftercare and Maintaining Deliverance
Swept and Garnished * Plundering the Strongman's House * Symbols of Satanism * Follow-up * Wholeness and Emotional Healing

Lesson Seventeen   Working with a Deliverance Team
Your Level of Spiritual Authority * Unity in the Deliverance Team * Training and Strategy * Purging Homes of Demon Spirits * Spiritual Warfare * Kings & Priests

Semester Four


Lesson One   Orientation to Ministry
Dedication and Consecration * Fasting & Prayer * Submit to the Pastor * Assessment of Your Gifts & Talents * Assess the Church * Faithful Stewardship * Communication * Consecrated Service * Behavior, Attitude, Dress, & Conversation * Caring for the Flock of God * You are Part of a Team * Basic Qualifications of Ministry.

Lesson Two   Christian Leadership I
Learn about the Tabernacle in te Wilderness and how its principles of worship translate to the Lord's House in the New Covenant.

Lesson Three   Christian Leadership II
Four Theories of Leadership * Effective Christian Leadership (calling, assessment, development, servanthood)

Lesson Four   Ethics, Qualifications, and Vision
Ethics and Responsibilities * Personal & Business Dealings * Ethical Handling of God's Lambs * Hard Questions in Christian Ethics * The Heart of a Servant * Qualifications in Ministry * Vision

Lesson Five   Church Finance I
Church Finance * Collect and Report Contributions * Source Documents * Re-imbursements * Deposit Slip * Depositing Funds into a Bank * Petty Cash Fund * Financial Ethics / Fiscal Responsibility

Lesson Six   Church Structure
Basic Church Structure * Appointment of Church Officials

Lesson Seven   Organizing and Marketing Your Ministry
Mission Statement * By-Laws and Job Descriptions * Short and Long Term Goals * Marketing Your Ministry * Target Your Audience * Radio * Television Announcements * Communication and Fellowship * Follow Up * Availability of Needed Resources * Be Prepared

Lesson Eight   The Call of Ministry
Preparation * The Anointing * Obedience * Servanthood * Introduction to Spiritual Burnout * Staying Focused

Lesson Nine   Interpersonal Skills for Ministry
Communication * Listening * Verbal Communication * Frame of Reference * Conflict Resolution Management (Shark, Owl, Turtle, Teddy Bear, and Fox) * Understanding My Controversial Behavior

Lesson Ten   Ministry Challenges
How to Recognize a True Spiritual Leader * Bearing Personal Fruit * Spiritual Maturity * How to Lead and Existing Team * Handling Difficult Situations & Offences

Lesson Eleven   Ministry Challenges (part 2) & Problem Solving
Dealing with Difficult People * Stepping Down from Ministry * The Emotional Roller Coaster * When it is Time to Leave a Ministry * Problem Solving Skills * Analysis of the Problem * Manageable Steps for Success

Lesson Twelve   Forgiveness
Forgiveness, Ten Things Forgiveness is Not * The Root of Bitterness * What Then is Forgiveness * Breaking Fellowship * Forgiveness Is...

Semester Five


Lesson One   The Bronze Altar (History
Description of the fie Administrative Officers of the church, The fivefold ministry is still applicable for today.

Lesson Two   The Order of the Priesthood
Training & Requirements * Ministries of the Altar * Preparing to Serve the Altar * Lifestyle of a Minister

Lesson Three   Training & Requirements
Altar Workers * Approaching People at the Altar/Altar Evangelism * Salvation * Infilling of the Holy Spirit * Deliverance * Healing * Encouragement, Strength, & Assurance * Laying on of Hands * Handling Altar Cloths & Other Consecrated Items of the Altar * Assisting the Minister in the Prayer Line * Sacraments & Ordinances.

Lesson Four   Prayer
Prayer * Ways to Communicate with God in Prayer * Effectual Fervent Prayer * Intercession * Beyond the Veil * Standing in the Gap

Lesson Five   Intercession
Purpose of Intercession * Intercession Under the Old Covenant * Intercession Under the New Covenant

Lesson Six   Prayer Teams
Corporate Prayer * Praying in the Spirit* Prayers Teams * Prayer Mentors

Lesson Seven   Building the Prayer Team (Mentoring)
Mentoring * Spiritual Burnout * Devotions

Lesson Eight   Setting the Spiritual Atmosphere
Qualifications * Ministry Duties * Prayer * Fasting * Confidentiality * Burnout or Sinful Behavior

Lesson Nine   Training for Prayer Interns
Strengths & Weaknesses & The Call to be an Armorbearer * The Anointing

Lesson Ten   Ministry of the Altar Director
The Attitude of Ministry (a Servant's Heart)

Semester Six


This semester will be customized to meet the needs of the class. The class will elect to study either Equipping Laity or Pastoral Studies


Training upcoming pastors 
in the basics of shepherding 
God's people. 

This will include lessons in:

  • The Office of Pastor
  • ​Pastoral Care Part I
  • Pastoral Care Part II
  • Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to Homiletics
  • Daily Care of the Church
  • Basics of Project Management
  • Baby Dedication
  • Baptism
  • Communion
  • Officiating a Funeral
  • Conducting a Wedding
  • Spiritual Burnout
  • Developing a Ministry Team
  • Leading Meetings & Teams
  • Planning, Organizing, &  Administering    Special Events


Training and equipping
deacons and elders to 
serve  God's House and

Classes may be available online. Please contact the local campus.
    Contact your local
  campus for pricing and availability of classes

Bachelor of Ministry Degree Program

Semester One 


Lesson One
Salvation * Understanding the impact of Adam's Transgression Principles and Rituals of the Blood Covenant

Lesson Two
Qualifications for sacrifice under the old covenant * The cross * Jesus in hell * The resurrected Christ

Lesson Three
Salvation * Baptism of the Holy Spirit * Baptism of Fire * Spiritual Maturity * The Effect of Salvation * The Witness * Conviction

Lesson Four
The Response * Repentance * Justification * Temptation

Lesson Five
The Fruit of Salvation * Preparation of the Soil * Soiling the seed * Continued maintenance and care * Waiting for the harvest

Lesson Six
Training period that leads to mature fruit * Pruning for balanced growth * Self examination * Counsel and direction from leadership * The fruits of perfection * The fruit of righteousness * Fruits unto holiness * The fruit of truth

Lesson Seven
Deliverance from Satan * Spiritual attachments * Levels of spiritual authority exercised by Satan * Obsession * Oppression * Vexation * Possession

Lesson Eight
Deliverance * Self Deliverance * Deliverance from circumstances * Poor decision making * Satanic oppression *Chastisement from the Lord

Lesson Nine
Divine intervention * Casting out devils * Pleading the blood of Jesus

Lesson Ten
Stewardship of time * Stewardship of the body * Stewardship of attitude, conduct and conversation * Stewardship of spiritual growth * stewardship of generational curse

Lesson Eleven
The Godhead * The Character of God * God the Father * God the Son * God the Holy Spirit

Lesson Twelve
The church body * The God-appointed leader * Service to the body of Christ * Stewardship of service, time and worship * Financial stewardship

This degree is currently being offered online at the Denver Campus.